Aldi Deals: Week of 9/18/11

by Katie on September 17, 2011

Here are the best deals at Aldi this week:

Meat & Seafood

Priano Breaded Veal Patties, $6.99

Oscar Mayer Ham & Turkey Sub Kit, $6.99


Little Salad Bar Italian or Caesar Salad, $1.99

Green Peppers (14 oz.), $0.69

Yellow Onions, $0.59/lb.

Roma Tomatoes (20 oz.), $0.69

Mushrooms (8 oz.), $0.59

Refrigerated Foods

Reggano Grated Cheese, $2.39
Includes: Parmesan or Parmesan & Romano

Bake House Creations Breadsticks, $1.79

Bel Gioioso Italian Cheese Wedges, $3.29
Includes: Parmesan, Asiago, or Fontina

Cappiello Marinated Braided Mozzarella, $3.99

Priano Cheese Ravioli, $2.19

Priano Tortellini, $1.99
Includes: Spinach & Ricotta, Four Cheese, or Porcini Mushroom

Priano Filled Italian Pasta, $1.69
Includes: Cheese Ravioli, Mushroom Ravioli, or Gnocchi

Priano Ravioli, $3.99
Includes: Spinach & Cheese or Chicken & Cheese

Frozen Foods

Priano Cheese or Meat Tortellini, $2.49

Mama Cozzi’s Four Cheese or Veggie Pizza, $2.99

Mama Cozzi’s Tuscan Chicken Flatbread Pizza, $2.99

Priano Lasagna Italiano, $7.99

Mama Cozzi’s Toasted Ravioli, $2.89
Includes: Meat or Cheese

Yummy Dino Buddies Chicken Breast Nuggets, $6.49

Pantry Items

Priano Primavera or Arrabiatta Sauce, $1.49

Priano Mushrooms, $2.49

Reggano Organic Pasta Sauce, $1.99
Includes: Tomato Basil or Traditional

Reggano Thin Spaghetti, $1.69

Priano Italian Style Diced Tomatoes, $0.55

Priano Vodka Pasta Sauce, $1.79

Grandessa Signature Gourmet Vinaigrette Dressings, $1.99
Includes: House, Raspberry, Roasted Garlic, or Greek

Tuscan Garden Italian or French Dressings, $1.29

Priano Balsamic Vinegar, $1.99

Carlini Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $3.99

Carlini Olive Oil, $2.99

Priano Alfredo Sauce, $1.69
Includes: Four Cheese or Roasted Garlic

Priano Pesto Sauces, $1.99
Includes: Pesto or Sun-Dried Tomato

Priano Sweet Roasted Peppers, $1.69

Priano Risotto, $1.79
Includes: Butternut Squash, Four Cheese, or Mushroom

Priano Italian Pizzelle Cookies, $2.79
Includes: Caramel or Chocolate

Savoritz Wheat Round Crackers, $1.79

Chef’s Cupboard Potatoes, $0.99
Includes: Scalloped or Julienne

Stonemill Essentials Premium Sauce Mixes, $0.59

Uncle Ben’s Country Inn Rice, $0.99
Includes: Broccoli au Gratin or Chicken

Rice Bowl Couscous, $1.49
Includes: Parmesan or Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil

Clancy’s Olive Oil Potato Chips, $1.59

Clancy’s Ridged Potato Chips, $1.29
Includes: Original, or Cheddar & Sour Cream

Andy Capp’s Hot Fries, $0.89

Benton’s Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies, $1.79

Benton’s Fudge Marshmallow Cookies, $1.89

Nabisco Tray Packs, $3.89

Millville Chewy Bars, $3.99
Includes: Caramel Nut or Chocolate Coconut

Kellogg’s Mixed Cereal Assortment, $2.89

Special Purchase Items

8″ Mum in Bushel Basket, $4.99

It’s important to note that Aldi deals vary by region.  Be sure to check the online ad for your area to ensure what deals are being offered at your local store. New to shopping at Aldi? Read more information about Aldi’s corporate policies regarding coupons, shopping carts, and more here.

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