Organizing in Small Spaces: A Trio of Baskets For the Living Room

by Katie on January 23, 2013

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a slight fixation with baskets.  For starters, they are relatively inexpensive to pick up especially if they are on sale at the store and are easy to find at garage sales as well.  Plus, baskets provide a simple way to store things without needing to use a bulky storage bin.

When I set out to organize the living room, I wanted to utilize the space that I had in an effective manner.  We have two end tables in our living room with an open shelf underneath each one, leaving ample space for a basket.

I happened to find three nice sized baskets on clearance at Meijer at the end of the last Christmas season.  Although the plaid liners are primarily red, they don’t look like Christmas baskets.  In total, I managed to pay less than $20 for all three baskets.

The smaller two baskets were slightly too tall to fit underneath our tables.  To solve the problem, I cut off the handles, and filed down the rough edges to enable them to fit into the openings.  I had two very different purposes for these baskets.

The first basket houses the items that need to leave our house – library books that need to be returned, a pan that I’ve borrowed from a friend, or even a copy of recipe that a family member wanted to try.  This basket is near our front door, making it easy for me to check and see what needs to be returned as I’m heading out.

The second basket is dedicated to our oldest son.  This past fall, he started high school which has been our first experience of having a child in an actual school system.  Along with this change came a plethora of papers, folders, extra supplies, textbooks that are not needed every day……and I quickly realized that I needed a designated home for all of his “stuff.”  This basket easily houses all of these items.

The third basket was considerably larger than the other two, and it found a home next to our entertainment center.  It holds the books we are currently reading as a family.  This is a nice way to encourage the kids to read, especially since there are a variety of books located right next to a pair of very comfortable sofas!

So, for just under $20, I was able to keep my living room very organized without needing to sacrifice the convenience of having necessary items right at my fingertips.

What systems do you have in place to keep your living room in tow?  Feel free to share your suggestions with all of us in the comments below.

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Kimi Pitt January 23, 2013 at 7:34 pm

I adore baskets!!


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