Organizing in Small Spaces: Making a Plan

by Katie on January 9, 2013

As an individual, I have the overwhelming slight tendency to lean towards a type A personality.  When everything in our house is organized and in its proper place, I function much more efficiently and simply have a better outlook on the day.

My plan for organizing this year is twofold.  First off, I want to go through every nook and cranny in our house and get rid of the items we don’t use, efficiently organize the items that we do use, and re-purpose the items that could be used in a different capacity.  Secondly, I want to establish and maintain a daily household routine that will enable me to keep our house clean and organized by utilizing a simple routine throughout the year.

It’s also my plan to avoid the chaos that occurs when the unexpected happens.  There’s nothing quite like that feeling when your friend or mom calls to say they’re stopping over…..and coincidentally, they’re right down the street…and will be at your house in a matter of minutes.  And then the mad dash begins.  Clearing off counters, tossing toys into the right rooms, and praying that the bathroom is at least somewhat clean.  And that there might somehow be a clean towel in the laundry basket to put in the bathroom.

I’m guessing (or maybe hoping!) that I’m not the only one who has experienced this crazy rush to put together a house for spur of the moment guests.  And while it’s a great way to get my adrenaline pumping, I’d just as soon have a simpler method in place.

I have three basic systems that I’m using to help me accomplish these goals – a daily household planner/checklist to keep tabs on those tasks that need to be accomplished around the house each day; a family planner to keep track of appointments, schedules, and activities; and a household binder to hold together all the important paperwork and information that is needed by our family.

Tomorrow I will detail the first component of this system – my daily household planner/checklist.  I’ll also be featuring a fun giveaway, so be sure to stop back and enter the giveaway tomorrow.

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