Organizing in Small Spaces: Shoe Containment Center

by Katie on January 22, 2013

In case you’re wondering, you did not miss an edition of the Organizing in Small Spaces Series last week.  As much as I had hoped to work on the series last week, I had one son with exams as well as two kids who were sick, and by the end of the week, I managed to pick up a nasty flu bug myself.  So overall, it was a stellar week for our family!

Anyhow…on with the organization.  I wanted to put together this series for all those families who are trying to organize in a “smaller-than-ideal” space.  I might not have mentioned it in previous posts, but we live in a relatively small house.  I say relatively because compared to so many people in the world, our house is a mansion.  And while I sometimes struggle to keep all of us organized in the space we have available, I am forever grateful to have a roof over our head that is more than adequate for all of our needs.

That being said, I function much more efficiently when our home is organized and things are in their proper places.  And since our front door opens into our living room, it is a space that I like to keep maintained at all times.  One of the biggest issues that I deal with by our front door is the mound of shoes that accumulate when the kids come into the house.  Once you account for six pairs of shoes (and they’re not little, tiny feet anymore!), there’s a fairly hefty pile of shoes that some who is not so graceful (me!) is liable to trip over.

I also don’t think it makes the living room appear very inviting when it looks as though I’m selling shoes out of my home as a side business.  At the same time, I understand that the kids don’t necessarily want to carry their shoes back to their rooms and put them away several times a day (and I’m not sure that I’d want to fight that battle several times a day!).

To keep me sane and everyone happy, I found a large basket that sits happily in our front entry to easily accommodate our family’s shoes throughout the day.  This solution makes it easy for the kids to slip on a pair of shoes to run out and get the mail, but also keeps my living room and entry way presentable.

Tomorrow I’ll be expanding on my obsession love of baskets as I continue to organize the remainder of our living room.

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