Capital One 360: $100 Bonus with New Checking Account

by Katie on July 3, 2013

Just a reminder – today is the last day that Capital One 360 is offering customers a $100 bonus when you open a 360 checking account.  You’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Capital One 360 site and click on the blue “Apply Now” button
  • Follow the instructions to open a 360 Checking Account by July 3rd (there are no fees and no minimums)
  • Make a total of 5 purchases (either signature or PIN-based) using your 360 Checking Debit Card, make 5 CheckMate deposits, or any combination of the two within 45 days
  • Your $100 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50

It’s important to note that this bonus is only valid for new 360 checking accounts.  As an added bonus, you can also earn a $76 bonus when you open a 360 savings account.

Both of these offers are valid through July 3rd.

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