Our Weekly Menu Plan

by Katie on January 3, 2017


Okay….confession time here…..I really ignored my diet during the past four weeks.  Like I pretty much slammed the door on healthy foods, and opened the flood gates to cookies, coffee cake, candy, and a jumbled assortment of holiday delicacies.  cookies-2

You see, I come from a family with a long tradition of making Christmas cookies.  And I’m not talking about just a few batches here.  No, in fact, my assortment of cookies pales in comparison to the spread my mother used to make every holiday season when I was growing up.  So, it’s not exactly easy for me to choose a salad or carrots over a cookie….I just really don’t have quite that much willpower!


Honestly, the most green thing I’ve eaten in the past two weeks are my green tree cookies.  Yep….proud moment for me here!  So, needless to say, I am more than ready to refocus my energies on healthy eating choices, which means I’ll be redoubling my efforts to menu plan and stock our house with foods high in protein, veggies (not green trees!), fruit, and whole grains.

Since yesterday was the last day of Christmas break for my youngest three, we decided to cap off the break with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was a fun farewell to our break, as well as a farewell to all those foods that I shall henceforth be avoiding!  Instead, I’ll be reacquainting myself with spinach, bell peppers, lean chicken, and all of their friends!

So, here’s our family’s menu plan for this week:

Monday – Christmas break farewell at BDubs

Tuesday – turkey tacos, refried beans, raw veggies

Wednesday – lemon rosemary chicken, broccoli, long grain rice

Thursday – chicken fajitas, steamed veggies, quinoa

Friday – salad bar (chicken, avocados, turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs, spinach, and the like)

Saturday – leftovers

Sunday – white turkey chili, spinach salad

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