Super League Gaming Review: Part 2

by Katie on February 23, 2017


As many of you know, our son attended the Minecraft Super League Gaming event at our local theater last summer and absolutely loved the experience.  So, when we found out that the event was returning to theaters this past fall, we jumped at the chance for him to participate again.


With this new season of Super League Gaming, he reconnected with friends he had met in the first session, and they worked together to maneuver their way through the many games, mini-games, and creations throughout the course of the event.


For instance, in build mode, players work together to build on their plot of land.  Imagination and creativity are key here, and the winning team takes home the points.


In Zombies, teams work against each other to beat the onslaught of zombies that have overtaken the Metropolis.


In Walls, teams of players spend a limited amount of time collecting resources for their team’s use.  Once the time has elapsed, the walls fall down, and the teams must work to capture the other teams’ polar bears.


There were even mini games, such as soccer, where players could compete against each other for points.


At the conclusion of each section of play, a podiums screen was displayed to show the standings of each team that has competed.


It’s a fun and friendly competition, and it enables kids to work collaboratively on a creative pursuit.  I’m sure the next time Super League Gaming comes back to Cincinnati, our son will be one of the first ones to sign up!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by US Family Guide.  All opinions expressed on Cincinnati Cents are (as always!) mine.

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