Aldi Deals: Week of 4/2/17

by Katie on April 1, 2017


Here are the best deals at Aldi this week:


Wednesday Only Deals

Fresh Family Pack Chicken Tenderloins, $1.99/lb.

Fresh Lean Ground Beef (5 lbs.), $8.95

Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast, $1.99/lb.


Meat & Seafood

Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Half Ham, $1.19/lb.

Specially Selected Spiral Cut Double Glazed Brown Sugar Ham, $1.89/lb.

Appleton Farms Butt Portion Smoked Ham, $1.09/lb.

Appleton Farms Shank Portion Smoked Ham, $0.89/lb.

Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast, $1.99/lb.

Kirkwood Fresh Split Chicken Breasts, $1.79/lb.

Lunch Mate Lunchmeat Tub, $2.39

Specially Selected Iberico Sliced Salami, $3.99



Cantaloupe, $0.99

Sweet Potatoes (3 lbs.), $0.79

Organic Bananas, $0.49/lb.

Mandarins (3 lbs.), $2.29

Blackberries, $0.99

Organic Baby Carrots, $1.29

Little Salad Bar Garden Salad, $0.89


Refrigerated Foods

Reggano Parmesan Cheese, $2.29

Bake House Creations Crescent Rolls, $0.99

Happy Farms Preferred Brie Cheese Round, $2.99

Little Salad Bar Hummus, $1.99

Specially Selected Aged Reserve White Cheddar, $2.49

Happy Farms Spreadable Cheese Cups, $2.99

Happy Farms Preferred Spanish Cheese, $3.99

Happy Farms Preferred Goat Cheese Log, $1.99

Countryside Creamery Heavy Whipping Cream, $1.89

Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters, $2.69

Happy Farms Cream Cheese, $0.85

Fit & Active Neufchatel, $0.85

Fit & Active Egg Whites or Liquid Egg Product, $1.89

Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice, $1.69

Countryside Creamery Half & Half, $1.79

Friendly Farms or Fit & Active Yogurt, $0.33


Frozen Foods

Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips, $4.99

Season’s Choice Steamable Broccoli Florets, $0.99

Season’s Choice Steamable California Medley, $0.79

Belmont Ice Cream, $2.39

Friendly Farms or Fit & Active Whipped Topping, $0.79


Pantry Items

Simply Nature Organic Macaroni & Cheese or Shells & White Cheddar, $1.15

Reggano Pasta Sauce, $0.99

Chef’s Cupboard Instant Mashed Potatoes, $1.39

Chef’s Cupboard Soup, $0.49

Chef’s Cupboard Onion Soup Mix, $0.69

Village Bakery Croissants, $2.29

L’Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, $1.79

Specially Selected Pita Chips, $1.99

Specially Selected Hummus Crisps, $1.69

Savoritz Entertainment Crackers, $1.69

Southern Grove Sliced or Slivered Almonds, $1.99

Southern Grove Chopped Walnuts, $2.99

Southern Grove Walnuts, $4.99

Baker’s Corner Graham Cracker Pie Crust, $0.89

Bakers Corner Baking Cocoa, $2.19

Baker’s Corner Cake Mix, $0.79

Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownie Mix, $0.89

LiveGFree Gluten Free Baking Mix, $2.29

Choceur Chocolate Bar, $1.49

Baker’s Corner Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels, $1.49

Village Bakery Gourmet Cookies, $2.49

Baker’s Corner Brown Sugar (2 lbs.), $0.99

Baker’s Corner Powdered Sugar (2 lbs.), $0.99

Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice, $1.29

L’Oven Fresh Wide Pan Bread, $1.49

L’Oven Fresh Cinnamon Raisin Bread, $1.49

Millville Cereal Bars, $1.39

Millville Sweet & Salty Bars, $1.39

Millville Chewy Dipped Granola Bars, $1.09

Baker’s Treat Honey Buns, $0.89

Southern Grove Dried Berries or Cherries, $2.49

Season’s Choice Berry Medley or Raspberries, $2.09


Special Purchase Items

Crofton Ceramic Platter or Bowl Assortment, $4.99

Crofton Brushed Stainless Steel Hosting Utensil Assortment, $3.99

Crofton 6-Piece Latching Food Storage Set, $4.99

Crofton 20-Piece Flatware Set, $16.99

Crofton 2-Piece Cake or Muffin Pan with Carrier, $6.99

Huntington Home Spring Candle Assortment, $4.99

Crofton Glassware Assortment, $3.99

Huntington Home Spring Tablecloth, $6.99

Gardenline Gazebo with Netting, $119.99

Gardenline Rectangular Patio Dining Table, $49.99

Gardenline Stacking Chair, $12.99

Gardenline Stacking Side Table, $9.99

Gardenline Stacking Sling Rocker, $24.99

Gardenline Stacking Ottoman, $9.99

Gardenline Double Rocker, $49.99

Gardenline 6-Piece Patio Set, $79.99

Gardenline Garden Arch, $29.99

Gardenline String Light Assortment, $6.99

Gardenline Gazebo Replacement Canopy or Netting, $24.99

Gardenline Mixed Spring Bulbs, $3.99

Gardenline Stainless Steel Crackle Solar Light, $2.99

Gardenline Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Candle Lantern, $6.99

Gardenline Outdoor Solar Table Lamp, $12.99

Lily & Dan Children’s Spring Jacket, $9.99

Lily & Dan Girls’ Ballet Flats, $6.99

L&D Boys’ Boat Shoes, $7.99

L&D Boys’ or Girls’ 6-Pair Spring Socks, $4.99

Gardenline 9′ Wood Umbrella, $29.99

Gardenline 9′ Aluminum Umbrella, $26.99

Gardenline Umbrella Light, $7.99

Gardenline Umbrella Stand, $19.99

Fisher Price Toy Assortment, $4.99

DC Comics 20″ Batman, Superman, or Flash, $14.99

Play-Doh Assortment, $3.99

26″ Easter Pillowchum, $12.99

Mattel Licensed Vehicle Assortment, $2.99

Huntington Home Colorful Easter Egg & Grass Assortment, $1.99

Huntington Home Plastic Easter Basket, $0.95

Block Tech Spring Small Building Block Set, $2.99

Huntington Home Tin Easter Basket, $3.49

Kids’ Divided Plate, $3.49

Kids’ 2-Piece Flatware Set, $3.49

Spin Tumbler, $3.49

6-Pack Bubble Wands, $3.99

Children’s Licensed Blind Bag Watch, $3.99

Easter Animal Plush, $3.49

Baby’s First Board Book, $2.99

Dudley’s Easter Egg Decorating Kit, $1.49

Tara Toy Licensed Sticker Activity Fun Assortment, $3.99

My Big Book of Stickers, $3.99

It’s important to note that Aldi deals vary by region.  Be sure to check the online ad for your area to ensure what deals are being offered at your local store. New to shopping at Aldi? Read more information about Aldi’s corporate policies regarding coupons, shopping carts, and more here.

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