5 Tips for Shopping at Schoola

by Katie on January 15, 2016

I’m sure it’s no secret that I really like shopping online at Schoola.  Over the past year, I’ve purchased a variety of clothing for myself as well as for my youngest son and daughter – like dresses for $10, name-brand shorts and t-shirts for $6, and lightweight jackets for $8.

Of course, I’ve learned a few tricks as I’ve navigated through the Schoola site that make it simpler for me to find what I’m looking for and ensure that I love what I’ve bought.  Since I’ve had several readers inquire about the ins and outs of Schoola, I thought I’d share my favorite shopping tips and tricks.


#1 – Sort by Size

At the top of the main Schoola page, you can select the group of clothing that you’d like to browse through – girls, boys, juniors, and women.  Once you’ve chosen your main category, you’re likely to have hundreds of pages of results.

In order to pare down the possible selections, check out the side bar on the left side of the page.  About halfway down the page, you’ll see a subheading titled “size” with your category choice underneath it.  If you click on the category choice under “size,” you’ll be able to select the size that you’d like to browse.

If you’re like me and are somewhat between sizes, you can choose multiple sizes.  You can even select the “include equivalent sizes” option to account for small/medium/large versus actual number sizes.  Once you’ve selected your sizes, click “Go” and your parameters will narrow down your choices.


#2 – Pay Attention to Condition

On the left side bar of the Schoola site, you’ll find a subcategory titled “Condition.”  There are three different options listed – new with tags, good, and blemished.  It’s important to know the difference between these options.

Items that are new with tags are as you might expect….brand new.  While it’s nice to find new items, they are definitely pricier, and if you have credit in your account, it cannot be used towards the purchase of new items.

Good items are items that have been gently used, but are still in good, wearable condition.  Now I’ll be honest, there was one item I received that had a small tear in it, even though it was listed under the good category.  However, the tear wasn’t very noticeable, and it was the only item that I found a problem with.

Blemished items have some type of issue, whether it might be staining, fading, pilling, tears, and so on.  These items are marked with an asterisk, and it states what the issue is and where it’s located on that item of clothing.  I’ve never purchased a blemished item because honestly, if I want a stained or blemished shirt, I have plenty of those in my own closet!

The nice part is that you can choose what condition you’d like to search through.  So, once you’ve selected your size, you can then click on the condition option you’d like, and it will cross match your options to find the clothing that fits all of your preferences.


#3 – Know Your Brands

In addition to being able to search by size and condition, you can also narrow down your selections by brand names.  This option is also available on the left sidebar, and you can either type in the brand you’re looking for or scroll through the dozens of options that they have listed as well.

I tend to shop according to brands that I’m familiar with.  For instance, I know that while I might be a size 8 in some brands of jeans, I’m definitely a size 10 in others.  By being familiar with the items that are already in my closet, it helps me to decide what brand and size to choose.

Of course, I’ve tried out a few new brands as well simply because I really liked the item of clothing.  While some of the new-to-me brands have been a success, others have been a flop.  When I do come across an item I’m not fond of, I donate it to either Matthew 25 Ministries or Goodwill.  Even though it might not be the right fit on me, I can happily pay it forward to someone else who can use it instead.


#4 – New Member Credit & Promotions

You’ll receive a nice bonus if you’re a new Schoola member!  Just for signing up, they’ll give you a free $10 credit to try out their site….no strings attached.  With a $10 credit, you can easily pick up a couple of items of clothing for free.  This credit will show up in your account when you checkout.

As an added bonus, Schoola runs promotions quite frequently.   And it’s super easy to refer your friends.  At the bottom of the Schoola page, there’s a link that’s titled “Refer a Friend, Get $10.”  When you click this category, you’ll receive a personalized link to share with others.  So, when someone you refer signs up with Schoola and makes their first purchase, you’ll receive a $10 credit to Schoola.


#5 – Be Aware of Time Limits

It’s important to note that your Schoola cart has a time limit.  Once you add an item to your cart, you have fifteen minutes before it’s no longer guaranteed to remain in your cart…especially if another savvy shopper snatches it up instead!

But the nice part is that every time you add an item to your cart, your time resets.  So, it gives you enough time to complete your shopping and find the items you want.

If, by chance, you surpass the 15-minute time limit, Schoola will give you the option of restoring your cart.  As long as no one else has purchased the item(s) that was in your cart, it will be re-added for you to purchase.

If you have other questions regarding Schoola that I haven’t covered, feel free to ask in the comments below…I’d be happy to field them!  

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