Aldi Deals: Week of 9/4/11

by Katie on September 3, 2011

Here are the best deals at Aldi this week:

Meat & Seafood

Appleton Farms Hot Pork Sausage, $2.29


Peaches, $0.25 each

Plums, $0.25 each

Nectarines, $0.25 each

Red or Green Grapes, $0.75/lb.

Cantaloupe, $0.99

Bananas, $0.44/lb.

Refrigerated Foods

Tennessee Pride Pork Sausage Gravy, $1.89

Bake House Creations Jumbo Flaky Biscuits, $1.39

Friendly Farms Nonfat Greek Yogurt, $0.89
Includes: Plain, Strawberry, or Blueberry

Dannon Danimals Strawberry Explosion Smoothies (6 ct.), $1.99

Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice, $1.99

Horizon Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk (12 ct.), $11.49

Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Semisoft Cheese, $2.99

Friendly Farms Gallon Milk, $1.99

Frozen Foods

Fusia Crab Rangoons or Wontons, $1.99

Fusia Potstickers, $1.99

Fusia Mini Egg Rolls, $1.99

Fusia Aisan Style Entrees, $1.99
Includes: Chicken Fried Rice or Sweet & Sour Chicken

Fusia Asian Noodles with Sauce, $1.69
Includes: Sesame Teriyaki, Spicy Pao, or Soy Ginger

Fusia Heat & Serve Asian Noodle Bowl, $1.49
Includes: Spicy Kung Pao or Sesame Teriyaki

Fusia Peppercorn Beef or Teriyaki Chicken Meals, $3.99

Season’s Choice Edamame, $1.49

Mama Cozzi’s Meat Lovers Pizza, $3.99

Mama Cozzi’s Flavored Crust Supreme Pizza, $2.99

Pantry Items

Blueberry Crunch Squares, $1.99

Honey Grahams Squares or Honey Puffs Cereal, $1.99

Chocolate Crispy Oats, $2.19

Oat Squares Cereal, $2.19

Millville Crispy Oats, $1.99
Includes: Apple Cinnamon or Banana Nut

Millville Granola Cereal, $2.19
Includes: Banana Nut, Berry Blend, or Fruit & Nut

Fit & Active Original Vitality Cereal, $2.39

Millville Multigrain Cereal, $2.69

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, $1.79

Millville Fiber Now Bars, $1.89
Includes: Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry with Almonds, or 90-Calorie Chocolate

Belmont Glazed Donuts, $1.99

Nature’s Nectar Vegetable Juice, $1.99

Welch’s Canned Drinks (6 ct.), $2.49

Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana Smoothie, $2.89

Beaumont Classic Roast Coffee, $5.29

Fusia Assorted Wok Sauces, $1.69
Includes: Teriyaki Sesame, General Tso, or Orange Ginger

Rice Bowl Asian Noodles or Rice & Sauce, $0.79
Includes: Teriyaki Noodles, Thai Sesame Noodles, or Chicken Fried Rice

Stonemill 4-in-1 International Spices, $3.99
Includes: Asian, Mexican, Tandoori, or Indian

Southern Grove Jumbo Trail Mix, $3.99

L’Oven Fresh Blueberry Muffins, $2.99

Lunch Buddies Fruit Flavored Snacks (32 ct.), $3.49

Household Items

Boulder Premium Big Paper Towels (8 ct.), $5.99

Boulder Hot Beverage Cups & Lids (12 ct.), $1.99

Special Purchase Items

Vanderwall Kids 4-Tier Organizer, $29.99

Vanderwall Expandable Garment Rack, $9.99

Vanderwall 4-Piece Vacuum Storage Bag Set, $7.99

Vanderwall Shoes and Accessory Shelves, $8.99

Garden Mums, $2.99

Gardenline Fall Pulps, $4.99
Includes: Tulips or Daffodils

It’s important to note that Aldi deals vary by region.  Be sure to check the online ad for your area to ensure what deals are being offered at your local store. New to shopping at Aldi? Read more information about Aldi’s corporate policies regarding coupons, shopping carts, and more here.

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