Aldi Deals: Week of 2/5/12

by Katie on February 4, 2012

Here are the best deals at Aldi this week:

Wednesday Only Deal

Fresh Chicken Breast Cutlets, $4.99/lb.

Meat & Seafood

Sea Queen Maine Lobster Tails, $12.99

House of Raeford Fully Cooked Chicken Breast, $3.49

Cattlemen’s Ranch Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin, $4.99

Lunch Mate Black Forest Ham or Turkey, $3.29


Navel Oranges (4 lb. bag), $1.69

Red Grapes, $0.84/lb.

Strawberries, $1.29

Nectarines, $0.84/lb.

Peaches, $0.84/lb.

Plums, $0.84/lb.

Refrigerated Foods

Lifeway Lowfat Kefir, $2.79

Friendly Farms MooTubes, $1.99

Friendly Farms Whipped Yogurt Mousse, $0.49

Fage Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt Tub, $3.29

Friendly Farms All Natural Nonfat Greek Yogurt Cups, $0.89

Friendly Farms Yogurt Cups, $0.39

Friendly Farms Probiotic Yogurt, $1.79

Fit & Active Nonfat Yogurt Tubs, $1.99

Frozen Foods

Season’s Choice Extra Fine Green Beans, $1.49

Grandessa Signature Mini Eclairs or Cream Puffs, $4.99

Belmont Chocolate Cheesecake Sampler, $9.99

L’Oven Fresh Triple Chocolate Creme Cake, $2.99

Lunch Buddies PB Delights, $1.99

Bremer Selects Seafood Soup, $3.99
Includes: New England Clam Chowder, Shrimp Bisque, or Lobster Bisque

Mama Cozzi’s Garlic Bread Pepperoni Pizza, $3.89

Season’s Choice Baked Potato Quick Sides, $3.29

Season’s Choice Corn on the Cob, $1.69

Pantry Items

Millville Creamy Wheat Cereal, $1.99

Nature’s Nectar Mango Tangerine Juice, $2.89

Sesame Street Juice Boxes (8 ct.), $1.89

Bon Italia Macaroni & Beef or Mini Ravioli, $1.79

Chef’s Cupboard Beefy Onion Soup Mix, $0.99

Chef’s Cupboard Cream of Celery Soup, $0.59

Hormel Chili Master, $1.99

Campbell’s Chunky Soup Bowls, $1.69

Reggano Assorted Long Cut Fettucine or Angel Hair Pasta, $0.99

Grandessa Signature Pasta Sauce, $1.79

Happy Harvest Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes, $0.89

Dakota’s Pride Lentils, $0.79

Uncle Ben’s Country Inn Rice, $0.99

Stonemill Essentials 4-in-1 Gourmet Seasonings, $3.99

Savoritz Cornbread Snack Crackers, $1.49

Baker’s Corner Honey or Jalapeno Cornbread Mix, $1.99

L’Oven Fresh French Baguette, $1.99

Household Items

Boulder Premium Paper Towels (8 ct.), $5.99

Special Purchase Items

Assorted Floral Bouquets, $3.99

Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Bag, $3.99

Crofton 3-Quart Electric Super Cooker, $19.99

Crofton Electric Reversible Grill, $29.99

St. Cloud Kitchen Foam Mat, $6.99

Kitchen Living 11″ Frying Pan with Glass Lid, $14.99

Crofton Electric Knife Sharpener, $14.99

It’s important to note that Aldi deals vary by region.  Be sure to check the online ad for your area to ensure what deals are being offered at your local store.New to shopping at Aldi? Read more information about Aldi’s corporate policies regarding coupons, shopping carts, and more here.

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